BKF Viewer Freeware — Know The Work Strategy Here

BKF Viewer freeware tool is an absolutely easy to operate application which can be used by even a novice user to view backup file contents before recovering them. There are unlimited numbers of file stored within a backup file and hence the viewing process must be processed carefully:

step 1

Begin the BKF Viewer software. To begin, Go to the Programs in the Start Menu and click on BKF Viewer.

step 2

Now click on Browse button to select the .bkf file.

step 3

Select the file which you want to view & click on Open button. By using this software you can view data of .bkf/ .zip Backup files.

step 4

The software provides three scanning modes – Quick, Deep, Range Based scan
Quick Scan – If BKF/ Zip file corruption is low then you can use this option to recover & preview file.
Deep Scan – If the file is highly corrupted then use this option to recover & view files.
Range Based Scan – This option allows you to scan file from certain porting of the file.
Select scan option & click on Scan button to start scan process.


step 5

Now, scanning process starts, you can view the current status of the file.


step 6

After completing scanning process, software display successfully message, click on Ok button.


step 7

Now, you can view data of the .bkf file in software panel.

step 8

Software also provides Search option to search a particular file.