BKF Viewer Freeware Tool – Know The Work Strategy Here

BKF Viewer freeware tool is an absolutely easy to operate application which can be used by even a novice user to view backup file contents before recovering them. There are unlimited numbers of file stored within a backup file and hence the viewing process must be processed carefully:

step 1

Begin the BKF Viewer Program. To begin, Go to the Programs in the Start Menu and click on BKF Viewer.

step 2

Select any one option from "Quick Scan" or "Deep Scan".

step 3

Clicking on Quick Scan will display the following screen to you and you will be able to view the BKF file(s) stored in the located partition. Click on ‘Open BKF’ button to load and open the backup file on software.

step 4

Once you are done with that, choose the desired BKF file from which you want to view data via the BKF Viewer application. The moment you select the BKF file, application will begin showing the files stored within the backup along with the progress of opening displayed on screen as well.

step 5

After the backup file has been loaded you will be able to see the contents effortlessly.

At last, after previewing the contents of your backup file via BKF Viewer application if you want to recover them to a healthy format then you must order for the full version of BKF Recovery application.